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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dj-producer Ivan Robles, become Ibiza Resident until 2007, now back to the island Ibiza.

Ivan tell us your experience over the past 5 years?
In recent years I have been traveling mostly on the West Coast of America and the Caribbean and some of Europe (Amsterdam), producing tracks in the studio, the truth is I had a lot of work and it has went very well, and create in 2007 my digital record label, Music Selektor with my partner Carlos Ortiz of New York.

What do you think the island of Ibiza gives to you?
Since coming to Ibiza in 2000, lived a great experience in my professional life, and I discovered the other side of the electronic music scene here in Ibiza and know what the difference is the music in the U.S. and Europe was like being born again as a DJ. Being in a place with so many different cultures throughout Europe that have helped me a lot more forward in my career and mature as a DJ, living on the island to its people the best records and most importantly your energy, glamour helps you and makes you want to work, the experience of the true music of an island is as legendary as that of Ibiza.

Do you prefer to produce in your studio or DJing at events around the world?
The reality is that being present in the various events around the world is my priority but what it takes to be in the best events is to produce music this is your cover letter these days, one thing leads another in today’s music scene .

What were the reasons for your return to the island?
This time I was hired for a private party in Ibiza and feel free to take any time to get back on the island that gave me so much in his day, also to be near loved ones I have on the island and conduct some musical circuit events offered by the island during the summer.

You think the musical level of the island has improved?
I can not say it has improved, the reality is that in Ibiza is always playing the newest thing, if it is true that has been marketed, there are more people than before and when it reaches the mass to any industry must have a variety of sounds to please them all, not like before where there were a few tracks that signified a season and they traveled the world now, but there is much musical diversity and new parties even the arrival of hip hop has grown a lot and, as something which did not work before can now. We mustn´t forget that music apart from being a hobby is a business.

In that way you identify yourself as a DJ.?
The reality is that I have 27 years as a DJ. and 22 years producing my show on the radio, this has allowed me to live several generations of music, but the style that excites me and gave me life is a house music, but be flexible to accommodate clients who hire me but not is what I like and I live for music, but definitely the genre that I love is house is my new show called House Boutique, you can follow this through my website:

Tell us about your new projects and new music?
I will continue producing in the studio,  finishing up my new EP by the end of summer in the house and latin genre predominately because is what I like.Ivan, we know that you carry in your heart Ibiza and that after so many years you have come to love it, we thank you for the time and kindness you have given us and good luck in your new projects.
Health for all of you!!!