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MagXIBZ Interview

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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dj-producer Ivan Robles, become Ibiza Resident until 2007, now back to the island Ibiza.

Ivan tell us your experience over the past 5 years?
In recent years I have been traveling mostly on the West Coast of America and the Caribbean and some of Europe (Amsterdam), producing tracks in the studio, the truth is I had a lot of work and it has went very well, and create in 2007 my digital record label, Music Selektor with my partner Carlos Ortiz of New York.

What do you think the island of Ibiza gives to you?
Since coming to Ibiza in 2000, lived a great experience in my professional life, and I discovered the other side of the electronic music scene here in Ibiza and know what the difference is the music in the U.S. and Europe was like being born again as a DJ...

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IRob Live in Ibiza

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